About Me

In the fall of 2014 I was what you'd consider a normal high school Senior. Most of my time was spent working on college applications, preparing for music school auditions and attending dance rehearsal. I was trained in piano, guitar, cello and voice. I knew music is what I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life.I was a normal healthy teenage kid despite a minor case of Senioritits. Because my friends were busy with college apps and winter concerts, we decided to celebrate my 17th birthday on December 21st, the day before winter vacation was to begin. As friends began to arrive at my house, I knew something was wrong. I suddenly began to feel extreme pain in my neck and numbness and tingling in my hands. A panic overcame me and my Mom rushed me to the ER. Within minutes I was unable to walk and within hours I was completely paralyzed, unable to breathe on my own. A series of tests were taken over the next few days and the doctors came up with a diagnosis of Acute Flaccid Myelitis. I was the 101st case of this polio like illness and little is known about it. Over the next few weeks I was treated with steroids, plasmapheresis, immunoglobulin therapy and chemo therapy. Nothing seemed to help. The only thing keeping me alive was modern medical technology. Machines breathed for me, fed me, and circulated my blood. My only form of communication was through my eyes. After five weeks in the ICU I was stable enough to transfer to a rehabilitation hospital. I was fortunate enough to be sent to Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado. It is well known as one of the worlds best hospitals specializing in spinal cord and traumatic brain injury. Over the next seven months Craig Hospital not only helped me rebuild my body but also my mind and spirit.