Happy Mother's Day...

      Over the past two years, the essential relationship between my Mom and I has changed.  Throughout my high school years, I was about as independent as a teenager could be.  I relished the process of making my own decisions, driving myself to school and work,  and working toward my  goals.  I was depending less and less on my parents to operate my day to day life.  I was becoming the captain of my own ship.

      In 2014, a massive re-alignment occurred.  No longer was I in control.  I literally had to depend on my mom for everything, it was like being a baby again.  I appreciate that I had a mother's love to come full circle again.  Since 2014 I have lost a lot but I have regained the wonder of the day to day tenderness of my mother's love.

     From the moment I was hospitalized, my Mom never left my side.  Her dedication to me saw us through some dark times and I relied on her to keep me going,  Through those hard times we learned a lot about each other and have realized that we are a part of each other, unbroken, regardless of the circumstances.

  We now have a chance to celebrate the depth of one another.

     One thing we enjoy doing together is reading a book filled with various blog articles,  After each article there are questions such as:  "What are some things you wish you had said yes to more often?" and "What are your favorite flowers?" Not many teenagers indulge their parents in these conversations. I am grateful for our time together and the experiences we share.  This is one of the blessings my illness has brought to both of us.

I love you Mom,

Happy Mother's Day!