Happiest Place on Earth

This was our first real adventure outside of county lines, and although there were some nervous jitters, the excitement outweighed it all.  However, being frequent Disney goers, I was depressed I wouldn't be able to enjoy it the way I used to.  But the more I perseverated on this thought, the more I realized how selfish it was.  I know there are millions who have never had the opportunity to go to Disneyland and many others who were born with a disability that prevented them from ever standing on their own.  I was given a lottery ticket being raised in Santa Barbara, having an amazing family, and having enough money to enjoy many things life has to offer.  Although sometimes I feel I may have it the worst, I know there are plenty of others who would be head over heels to sit in my seat.  Sometimes it just takes looking at the big picture to realize how blessed I am.

That being said, we all had an incredible time at Disneyland.  My uncle Paul and one of our close friends from school and church, Julie Pitney were able to join us.  My dad booked us a suite at the Grand Californian which is located right in Downtown Disney.  However, I was most excited to see one of my favorite people from Craig Hospital, Chris Amacher, who has grown to be one of our closest friends.

The first day we spent rolling around California Adventure, where I was not able to ride the fastest roller coasters, but rode enough for my state of affairs.  My favorite ride was Mickeys Grand Ferris Wheel where we were able to have a birds eye view of Orange County.  Although this was my favorite, it was not for Emily.  When she thought a smoothie was being spilled on her head, it turned out to be puke form the gondola above!  After we got Emily cleaned up and went through a box of disinfectant wipes we met Russ, a Craig graduate, whose attitude, spirit and sense of humor added to the joy of the day.  Tuesday was spent at Disneyland where the sun was out and the weather was warm.  I was able to ride It's a Small World, Winnie the Pooh, and the Monorail but the highlight of the whole trip was simply spending time with my family and friends.

On this trip I learned that although things may be different, it doesn't mean it will be any worse.