Our Philosophy


The arts are not only a vital means of self expression, but also help us cope with daily struggles. Instead of society imposing restrictions on what one with a disability cannot do, we as a society through the arts can bring joy, therapeutic movement and creativity to those with physical and cognitive disabilities.

What We Do


Since its’ creation in 2016, the GFF has worked to spread adaptive art and music education to the special needs community. Through local art events, the GFF has helped Santa Barbara special needs families enjoy the gift of creativity. These events include projects such as mosaic tiling, collaborative murals, sculpture and much more!


We’re more than just art! Our social groups create opportunities for friendships between our participants of all abilities and our outstanding family of volunteers. It’s also a great chance for participants to integrate new social skills into everyday practice. We believe everyone benefits from diverse relationships, and this program emphasizes inclusivity while learning from each other.

Our Board of Directors


Grace Fisher
Founder and Creative Director

Bill and Debbie Fisher 
Parents of Grace and Physical Therapy Consultants

Emily Fisher
Volunteer Coordinator

Sara Wilcox
Artistic Advisor

Leslie Lannan 
Occupational Therapist and Activities Consultant